Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday time

I'm very very glad to be off work this week. It feels nice to have a break from insanity of one kind for insanity of a different kind :)

The day after Christmas Laura's Dad came to town, and I think that he's here through Thursday morning, and then Cory and Joanna's family are coming up on Thursday through Sunday.

We will be going to the bowl game to watch BYU play this week on Friday in Dallas!! We got tickets for both Joanna's and my families... so it should be fun with all 9 of us there. It will be Lydia's and Lucy's first BYU game! Go Cougs!

I'm just real tired from all the pre-holiday deadlines at work, the pre-holiday prep at home, the holiday itself, and now the post-holiday work that's got to be done before I go back to work next week, including a freelance project I do for a local high-school. But I am also very glad for the rest that comes from being able to be at home with my family. I love them each dearly. Eating more than my fair share of chocolates, fudge, turtles, caramels, caramel corns, and candies, cookies, and cakes. I should probably lay off all that goodness since the holiday is over. It's time to go back to being a responsible-eating adult.

Alli is loving playing with her new soccer goal in the backyard, and Lucy is loving her new bike, zooming around the cul-de-sac whenever she can get an adult to go supervise her out there. It's been less rainy this week, and a welcome bit of sun in a dark season. Temperatures in the mid 50's most of the week. We finally lost most the leaves on our tree out front, and our grass has finally lost all it's color with a few freezes this season already.

Tuesday next week I start back at work, and also start teaching seminary again, hopeful to finish out the school year in teaching the Old Testament.

I'm looking forward to having the Ellis family up to visit. I love having them closer to us. It's nice to know they're close enough to be around for important times- and for our kids to get to be close as cousins.

I love each of you very much. Hope each of your breaks are somewhat restful, and I'm praying for the Alaskans to all stop puking and get some rest from that nasty bug :(

-happy holidays-


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