Saturday, December 24, 2011

Alaska 2011

Happy Christmas Eve to all of you.  I know you all feel as I do that there is a big gap in Christmas this year with Grandpa Ted being gone.  This is a new phase of my grief - I guess it would be passing into acceptance but the main thing I keep thinking is just how weird it is to not have him here.  Like Sandy, I have been thinking alot of Christmas past and how each one was different.  Too late to write them all here tonight...  but I can see them all like they are inside little different snow globes on a mantle. 

We are all coming down with somekind of bug so it will be a very low key weekend for us.  We are making Monkey Bread for our Christmas Eve meal ... with of course, bacon and sausage and eggs and juice and hashbrowns.  And this year Alicia and Brian are into experimenting with pies so they have plans to bake pies all day tomorrow.  We'll see what all they come up with.  Pictures will be posted after the baking.

On Christmas day, we have a giant beef roast that a friend bought for us this fall that we have been saving.  I had a friend on facebook ask this week what people did with left over prime rib and I just said, What ??  how do you get leftover prime rib....  at our house, we put it in the fridge after dinner and then in the night it disappears. 

And of course, this year, I am so focused on the Oregon Fighting Ducks playing in the Rose Bowl, that I am sort of bypassing Christmas and focusing on New Years.  QUACK !!  QUACK!!

Hope you are all safe and surrounded with love.  Our hearts are with you all..   
Love, Charlotte


Blogger jed-laura said...

I hope you can all stop puking soon. Very soon.
I know being sick over the holidays can stink real bad.

2:59 PM  

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